Why An Experienced Mobile Notary?

One of my long-term mobile notary clients recently stated that the service of a mobile notary is a commodity. Despite his gratitude for my education and experience, he claimed that the general public assumed that anyone could stamp a document requiring a notary seal.

The client’s father wanted to know how I felt about a mobile notary becoming a commodity and whether I think experience matters when people are looking for one. My answer was an unequivocal YES!

Notary in Douglasville Ga performing signing duties

A customer looking for a mobile notary for a Power of Attorney for a sick and unwell parent, such as myself, will frequently opt for someone with experience with this type of mobile notary. Clients regularly inquire about my experience with Powers of Attorney and Advance Health Care Directives after reading my reviews. For the client’s sake, it’s vital that the person signing the Power of Attorney is handled with respect and that the form is correctly completed and notarized. That’s what Notary Douglasville Ga strives for. This type of notary is subject to additional notary laws that must be followed. A consumer might, for example, ask for the Power of Attorney paperwork to be filled up by the mobile notary. Serving as a mobile notary instead of an attorney is considered unlawful practice of law. The many distinct sorts of Power of Attorney documents are only familiar to an attorney. Never would I give a client the wrong kind of Power of Attorney. But I’ll point them to Legal Zoom or Goggle, where they may look for a Power of Attorney or pay an attorney to draft one for them.

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